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Doobie Clothes

Doobie is very clean by changing his clothes every month or so.  When he grows out of his dirty clothes, he wriggles around and loosens the clothes, then he just eats them.  Gulp, gulp and his dirty clothes are gone!  This way it leaves no mess on the ground.  By eating his clothes, he also gets a little bit of nutrition.  He is very smart.  It is quite the sight to see, although he is very modest and, most times, likes to do it while everyone is away.

Doobie Poop

About every day Doobie needs to release some digested crickets.  He does this in a very careful manner since he doesn't want to live with this waste.  He chooses a place to dispose of this matter where he won't spend the night.  Since he just got his brand new Red Shoe for Christmas he decided that would be a good place to put his waste.  He chose to make his new shoe his toilet and the rock his bedroom!

Notice the poop in the shoe

A closeup of the poop (Total length = about 1 inch)

The poop is very easy to clean up.  It is all hard by morning time which allows for easy disposal.  Along with that, Doobie's pee is the little white capsule which is also hard.  Therefore, there is no mold growing in a corner or any other fun things like that.  With Doobie using the same spot every time he goes, it is easy to predict where to find his next surprise.

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