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Tage: Hey, soon I will be on the net and be an option for President, so don't vote Doobie, vote for Tage!!

Doobie:  Obviously he is running a smear campaign, and you don't want to vote for people who run smear campaigns, so don't vote for Tage, vote for Doobie!!

- Doobie For President '08

Tony: U da man Doobie, U da man.

Doobie:  No Tony, U da man!

- Da Doobie

007: Hey Doobie, Next Month is the time that I got my Leopard Gecko 3 years ago.  He's out-grown his stuff.  What's good for a Leopard Gecko?

Doobie:  I would say that the most important thing is a very nice comfortable place to sleep.  I like to sleep about 20 hours during the day, and my paper towel bed is mighty F-I-N-E.

- Sleepy Doobie

D.J.: Hey Doobie, I thought I saw you in a GEICO commercial!  Isn't it when the GEICO gecko is talking to a Leopard Gecko, and then the Leopard Gecko licks its eye.

Doobie:  YES!  That is me!  Didn't I do a good job?

- Doobie

Jan: Not to trash the GEICO gecko, but you have to notice that the GEICO gecko's puny tail doesn't hold a candle to Doobie's fat booty!  Wag that tail, Doobie!

Doobie:  :)

- Doobie

Rex: I have A Red Ear Slider named Jack and he gets along with leopard geckos. He once saved my friend's baby leopard gecko from being eaten by a rat.  He would love to meet you Doobie.

Doobie:  It sounds like Jack is a really wonderful creature.  Anyone that saves leopard geckos is awesome in my book.  I think that I would love to meet Jack.

- Doobie

Jan: You are so much cooler than that GEICO Gecko.  I love your spots.

Doobie:  You are too kind, I don't know what to say.

- Doobie

Alan: How long does it take a Leopard Gecko to grow a new tail?

Doobie:  I have never experienced that firsthand.  And to be honest, I never want to either.  I heard it is bad for us since we store our fat in our tail, and without it we may not be as healthy and may get sick.  So it is best to be avoided.

- Doobie

Alan and Ray: Hey Doobie, you should make a movie so you could be more famous.

Doobie:  Well, have you seen me as the star of those GEICO commercials.  Don't I look good?  My plan is to start off small and then make it to the big screen right when Geckos are getting uber popular.

Here I am

- Doobie

007: I have a Leopard Gecko who is just like you.  His name is Godzilla.  He likes to hold onto stuff and stand on two feet.

Doobie:  He sounds like a strong little guy.  I can imagine a combination of 007 and Godzilla must be amazing.

- Doobie

Andrew: Doobie is the awesomest Leopard Gecko ever, you are my hero :)

Doobie:  Why thank you, that is very kind.  You are my hero Andrew.

- Doobie

Solartje: Doobie!!! U rock my world. My girl is jealous of your shoe. If I'm having a bad day, I just check out on you, and u make my day, day after day. U are the funniest gecko I've met. Did u ever think of doing stand up comedy? U sure got the looks...

Doobie:  Hey Solartje, u definitely made me happy!  I have thought about doing stand up, but I think my small back legs would get tired very fast.

- Doobie

Ryan: Hello Doobie, my name is Ryan and I am 5 years old (Dad helping me on the computer).  I got a leopard gecko from Santa this past Christmas.  I named him "Leopardy", he eats lots of crickets and mealworms.  He loves to stay under his favorite rock in the day and come out at night.  We'll be in touch and will try to send a photo.

Doobie:  Ryan, that is really neat!  I would love to meet Leopardy, you should definitely send a picture to me.

- Doobie

Jessie: Doobie, I wish you could live in MY shoe.

Doobie: I wish I could also, so if you just send me your shoe that would be great.  But just to warn you, I might not use your shoe for living in - so it might get a little stinky.

- Doobie

Anonymous: Rock on Doob Myster!!!!  We should watch you rock to TOOL!

Doobie: Awesome idea Mr. Anonymous, TOOL is a very good band.  I love listening to them, and I will definitely try to rock out more to their songs, just for you.  Maybe I can eat some dinner while rocking out to TOOL, yeah!

- The Doob Myster

Java: Have you ever thought of going for a ride attached to a helium balloon?  With just the right harness, it might be a fun thrill!

Doobie: Well Java, lately I have been looking into rides on helium balloons.  But guess what, none of them have harnesses for geckos!  That seems a little unfair to me.  I might have to make my own.  What do you think would be the best design?

- Doobie


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