Doobie the Leopard Gecko

Doobie's Diagnosis


     While traveling back to school for the fall semester, Doobie's Master decided to go camping.  This required Doobie to find a place to stay so he wouldn't freeze when the temperatures got cold at night.  He arrived at a wonderful home, however, Doobie must not have felt at home.  This can be seen in his diagnosis from his caretaker, who is a clinical social worker.  Doobie's Master was presented with this shocking information upon arrival to pick him up.




The  Diagnosis



The Symptoms

- let meals walk past

- slept a lot

- climbing the walls

- wandered around as if he was disoriented

- not sure, but I thought he cried tears several times

- self-destructive behavior (climb the wall, falls)

- binge eats




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